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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Litter Critters: Introduction to the Opilionids

Illustration and text by Brittany Benson Opilio is Latin for shepherd.  In some places, shepherds walk on stilts to make an easier time of counting their flocks, so, it was only sensible to give this name to these arachnids.  How…

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HENRi: a new take on 2001 A Space Odyssey

The long reach of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece is evident everywhere nowadays. The latest, and certainly one that packs the most bang for the buck, is HENRi, which, will stay with you far longer than its 20 minute run time. It is hard to…

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Fighter planes, dinosaurs, and bugs

I grew up in the era of cheap plastic toys, the kind you could get from the Dime Store. The Dime Store’s narrow aisles were full of cheap stuff. The lighting was garish and the place smelled of floor wax…

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