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A short essay on Koechner’s Criterion and its relationship to success in Grad School

Where I coin Koechner’s Criterion and run with it

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How to schedule a committee meeting

How to get your committee in one room, and in a reasonably good mood.In short, be early; be concise; be considerate; be professional. Bonus: you will earn the reputation for being just that.

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10 Foundational Papers in Community Ecology

I suggest to students in Advanced EEB, our course for first semester Ph. D. students, that creativity is about fostering your ability to generate associations/ideas, and your judgement as to which ideas are worth pursuing. Toward that end, I also…

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Patton Oswalt on Grad School

Does anyone act more like an overserious senior citizen with time running out on their chance for immortality than someone in their twenties? Sounds like grad school to me. from Silver Screen Fiend, a memoir

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