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Daily Archives: February 15, 2015

Litter Critters: Intro to the Mites and the ancestral group, the Opilioacarida

The greatest diversity of soil invertebrates is going to be found in the Acari, or, the mites.  At the mention of the word ‘mite’, plenty of folks will instantly think of ticks – those specialized, blood-thirsty mites in the suborder…

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Oh, snap!, molecular biology

I know, I know. Molecular biologists are an easy target for us field types. Just the other day Dr. Corrie Moreau, ant systematist extraordinaire, repeated an old joke with gusto over a Friday Skype: So a stranger comes up to a sheepherder and…

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An achilles heel for bionic plants?

Cool news on the renewable energy front from  Joseph Torella and colleagues published in a recent PNAS. The upshot: use photovolatic cells to provide electicity to a cobalt-phosphate catalyst that splits water into O’s and H’s, then feed those split-off H’s to an engineered soil…

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