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Category: Nutrient Dilution

Potassium as a game-changer in prairie food webs

This study suggests why the K and Na in urine may reveal a plant’s hidden super-power in its battle against herbivores.

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Bite by bite: why North American herbivores confront such a variable diet

As you travel across North America, grasslands are everywhere, from roadside strips to boundless open prairie. It is easy think of acres of grass and forbs (flowering herbs) as just mouthfuls of forage for local herbivores. Give me a moment…

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Grasshopper Declines and the perils of Nutrient Dilution

Grasshopper numbers at a tall grass prairie have declined ca. 2% per year. Ellen Welti leads in identifying a likely culprit: increasing CO2 is diluting plant nutrients, making each bite less and less nutritious over the years. This open access…

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