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Toward a MacroEcology of Some of the Little Things that Run the World

Working to develop tech to ID and quantify inverts from NEON’s trap arrays

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Herbivores like a little salt with their protein

When offered grassland plots fertilized with Nitrogen+Phosphorus, Sodium, or both, above and belowground invertebrates respond to salt differently.

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The tropics is just a big plate of scrambled eggs

Debby Kaspari is a featured artist at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson’s annual “Birds in Art” competition. Here is a brief video that captures the glories of painting birds in tropical forests.

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Succumbing to the lure of the model organism: studying the imported red fire ant

Guest Post by Karl Roeder Ants. The adorable arthropods that have captured my imagination for years have finally become the focus of my Ph.D. research. They are abundant, diverse, and ecologically important with a variety of castes that contain a…

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Exploring the role antibiotic compounds play in shaping tropical leaf litter invertebrate & microbial communities

Post by Jane Lucas This summer (2015) I am working on furthering my exploration of the role antibiotic chemicals play in the structuring of leaf litter invertebrate and microbial communities. This work was inspired by a classic Janzen paper entitled…

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Canopy and understory microclimates – how are the ants handling them?

The author, Jelena Bujan, in the canopy of Pseudobombax septenatum, a deciduous tree with smooth green bark. Jelena is completing her third field season on Barro Colorado Island, in Panama.  In tropical forests, is frequently assumed that canopies are “deserts”…

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