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Herbivores like a little salt with their protein

When offered grassland plots fertilized with Nitrogen+Phosphorus, Sodium, or both, above and belowground invertebrates respond to salt differently.

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One way to build a dietary generalist

Karl Roeder gives some background on the dietary diversity hidden in a population of red imported fire ants

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Brittany Benson leads AntLab BugOut!

Brittany Benson leads the AntLab’s public outreach in her traveling roadshow “Acari Safari”.

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Succumbing to the lure of the model organism: studying the imported red fire ant

Guest Post by Karl Roeder Ants. The adorable arthropods that have captured my imagination for years have finally become the focus of my Ph.D. research. They are abundant, diverse, and ecologically important with a variety of castes that contain a…

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Spring in Oklahoma–Hiking along the South Canadian River

Debby and I had a lovely hike along the South Canadian River with pals Susan Dragoo (Debby’s writing partner¬†¬†on the Oklahoma Today piece on Nuttall) and Tim Ryan. These scenes are about 10 minutes from Campus.  

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