Brittany Benson leads AntLab BugOut!

Brittany Benson Bugout 4

Brittany Benson uses a variety of media, from her own art and insect collections, to plush stuffed mites, to convey the beauty and excitement of insects. 

Certainly one of the greatest things about devoting our lives to the study of insects is the ability to take our work on the road and share what we have learned. The AntLab’s master communicator in this regard, is taxonomist, artist, and mite expert Brittany Benson. Brittany regularly goes on the road with her Acari Safari (Acari is the scientific name for the mites she studies).Her roadshow combines costumes, her own art, an extensive private insect collection, and lots of live critters. Brittany’s charisma and charm help her convey her passion for bugs through a rolling show and tell,  a lecture and question and answer period.

Rebecca Prather BugOut

Rebecca Prather, dressed as a burying beetle, answers a pressing bug-related question. 

Brittany, helped this year by Rebecca Prather, AntLab first year grad student, visited the Myriad Botanical Garden’s annual “BugOut!”, an event in which children are invited to help release ladybird beetles in the garden for natural pest control. Brittany’s roadshow reached 1,500 on a single day this July. She is a terrific ambassador for our lab, the University of Oklahoma, and the natural world of which she is so knowledgable.



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